Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wired June Issue...Articles of Note

Got my June copy of Wired last's some articles/features of note:

  • New word:  Phablet.  Refers to big smartphones designed to double as tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note.
  • Clive Thompson does a really interesting piece on 3D printers and a guy who got a MakerBot and decided to start designing his own miniatures and fabricating plastic copies of them based on his brother's Imperial Guard figs from WH40K.  Then he started sharing the design files for free on the web.  Games Workshop quickly sent a takedown to him citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  The article is a great discussion about 3D printers and the legal complications that are going to start coming about with them.  Some great comments to the article online to read as well.  Not sure if I read it on this particular article, but saw someone comment somewhere that for the ~$750 you can get a MakerBot for, you'd spend less than what it takes to buy a decent Imperial Guard army from GW.  May be some truth to that...
  • Fantastically interesting article on Facebook and the argument that they may stumble into legal issues in terms of monopoly laws (the legal kind that Microsoft and AT&T ran into, not the game with Boardwalk and Baltic Avenue).
  • Cool interview with the guys at Unreal and their latest video showing the possibilities of the new Unreal 4 engine coming out.  
  • The main cover story this month is on 'How to be a Geek Dad.'  Some cool nerdy craft ideas for you and your kid.

And as's just fun to read Wired...



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