Sunday, June 17, 2012

Voyager 1 Spaceship Approaching True Outer Space

In 1977, Voyager I launched from Earth and headed to explore our Solar System, and while the game plan was to have it continue on some day if it continued to function, it always seemed pie in the sky.

But that day is now on the horizon. Voyager I is on the verge of leaving the edges of our Solar System. The data coming back from the 35 year old satellite indicates that it is approaching the point where particles of matter in space are no longer carried by our Sun's solar winds, but rather by the interstellar cosmic winds.

This is actually big stuff. This will be a new achievement in human space exploration...when a spacecraft from Earth leaves our solar system for the first time. Voyager I will continue to broadcast data until 2020, but will travel on silently for a very long time. In some 40,000 years, the spacecraft will approach another star...a new sun in another system.



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