Monday, June 4, 2012

Just When I Think I'm Out, The Pull Me Back In!

Ahhh mother pusbucket!!!

So this month's White Dwarf arrived in my mailbox, and much to my delight and dismay the front cover gloriously displayed a picture of an Ork Bommer.  While I've seen the Ork Fighta/Bommer on Forge World before, GW has now officially released the Ork Bommer (as well as the Space Marine StormTalon and Necron Doom Scythe for regular play)  The Bommer and StormTalon have official codex updates in this month's WD, and new model kits are out for all three.

The Ork Bommer comes in three configurations:

The DakkaJet - a dogfighter variation

Ork Bommer
The Burna-Bommer - an incendiary bomber
Ork Bommer
And the Blitza-Bommer - a dive bomber
Ork Bommer

I say both to my delight and dismay; I'm salivating over getting my hands on one or more of these as they look uber-orky cool, yet it's that old GW well-played trick that just keeps you coming back for more as I've put down my 40K Orks for a while as I'm developing and way behind painting my Warhammer Fantasy High Elves.  But a squadron of three of these streaking over the tabletop gets that grin on my face when it comes to 40K Orks...

Then again, at $46.00 a pop, it might be a couple of months before I can justify picking one up...I think...



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