Saturday, September 16, 2023

Star Wars Fridays at WZKD kicks off with Armada

 Also known as, "How to run away to live another day in an Imperial Star Destroyer."

That's right - my buddy Mark and I kicked off (officially this time) Star Wars Fridays at WZKD Comics and Games yesterday with our usual go to SW lovefest, Star Wars Armada.

It was great to get the gorgeous (and pre-painted) big ships from a galaxy far, far away - it certainly seemed like a long time since we'd threw down the Armada dice and started chipping away at shields hoping for face up critical hit cards.

Apparently, I had forgotten that my fave Imperial Carrier can seem to be pretty much made of paper mache as it's first pass on the Mark's Assault Frigate Mark II and found itself with collapsing shields and hull hits aplenty.

As I quickly realized I was well on the way to a loss of shear points - I began picking off X-wing Fighter Squadrons and the occasional  Y-Wing Bomber Squadron.  But Mark's MC30c Torpedo Frigate made it's way around the central ringed planet on the board and rammed my wounded Carrier turning into some rather inglorious space debris and I decided it was time to high tail it to hyperspace with my Imperial Star Destroyer mostly unscratched.  As turn 6 ended - the points told no lies and the Empire took yet another deserved defeat.

Great to get back to some Friday...Outer Rim (with the Unfinished Business expansion)!