Beyond The Cloud Peaks: A Newcomer’s Journey along The Sword Coast

An introductory Dungeons & Dragons (5th Ed.) campaign for first time players (or those that have only a few sessions under their belt.) Please note this is a family-friendly game with a focus on role-playing, storytelling, and thematic adventuring. While there is always some degree of swords and sorcery and combat in D&D - this campaign is less about hack & slash and more about character-driven collaboration between Players and Dungeon Master.

Beyond the Cloud Peaks is a D&D Campaign that meets about twice a month at WZKD Games and Comics in the Eldorado community of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. We started this campaign for adult (well..ages 12+) beginners - people that have never played Dungeons & Dragons or other role-playing games ("what are those funny looking dice for??) and for those that have a game session or two under their belt and are looking for a bit more opportunity to try the World's Most Popular Tabletop Roleplaying Game. We've been rolling now for about 6 months and are well into a great first adventure...and we're always open to new player characters to join in the fun!

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