Friday, February 8, 2013

GhengisCon Looms

Dice bags will be plentiful at the end of next week...
GhengisCon 34 is upon us.  Bountiful board games, masses of miniatures, role-playing riches, a wealth of wargames, plethora of painting (of the masses of miniatures), and a huge roomful of vendors carrying everything from crocheted Cthulhu's to pink fairy hats to dice bags embroidered while you wait (not too mention the largest freaking dice selection you have every laid eyes on).
February 14 through 17 is the biggest game convention in the Colorado region...four days of gameapalooza (TactiCon in the fall is number two) and is put on by the Denver Gamers Association.  It's a great time...and I scored a free pass for the whole shebang this year (door prize at Thanksgaming last November at Total Escape Games).  So far I'm signed up for Space Hulk on Friday, some Savage Worlds on Saturday morning followed by Force On Force in the afternoon, and some Gloom on Sunday.  In between I'll be checking out the vendor room (and trying not to spend money I don't have).

Check it out at and I'll see you there (an maybe doing some live blogging while on the premises... :)



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