Friday, July 13, 2012

Neil Gaiman to Release Prequel to Sandman

Some of the very best and highly acclaimed comic and graphic novel writing ever produced is about to get some very welcome additional material. It's been some 16 years since Neil Gaiman added anything to the Sandman multiverse, and now he has reportedly announced an upcoming prequel to Sandman #1.

The Sandman series began with it's protagonist Morpheus, the living entity of dreams, being trapped in the plane of reality that we humans exist in. Over the course of many years, Gaiman produced what has been considered by many (yours truly included) to be some of the best graphic fiction ever to set ink to paper.

To hear of new storylines in the Sandman genre to come from Gaiman is exciting news for any comic/graphic novel fan. It'll definitely make me run down to Time Warp Comics and ensure it hits my box when it issues...

See the story in The Escapist...



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