Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marvel Heroes MMO On the Way

Gazillion Entertainment has given us a teasing taste of their much-anticipated Marvel Heroes MMO...and I assume we'll all at least go through the buffet line at least once.

Everyone from the Marvel pages will be there...not just the Hulk, Spiderman and my main armored brother Iron Man, but more obscure ones as well, so we may see such costumed crusaders such as Lightspeed, Rain Boy, and Yukon Jack.

Looks like characters will be customizable, so you could pick up a particular character's costume (which of course some characters have a history of different duds) and swap superpowers in  and out.  Both action and exploration will be available, and social areas such as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. 

Hmm...perhaps it's finally time to test the Edna's 'no capes' argument...



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