Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Outer Rim and some Unfinished Business

 Recently picked up Star Wars Outer Rim and the expansion Unfinished Business.  Been wanting to grab this one for quite sometime and finally got it to the table for a bit of a learning game or two.  

After watching a game review or two this weekend I took the advice to incorporate the Unfinished Business expansion into the Outer Rim base game eveb before my first game. After another hour of unpunching, sorting, and reading another set of rules, it turned out to be a righteous addition to the game overall.

And my first playthrough began today!  I'm playing a four player game and running each character myself rather than running a solo game with one or more of the included bots.AI bots so I can get a feel for the mechanics.  After a couple of turns for each character (in this case Han Solo, Boba Fett, Jyn Erso, and Doctor  Aphra) the game mechanics are pretty straightforward and the player turns went pretty quick.

The game started out a bit ominously as the first bounty was for Ahsoka Tano (my favorite Jedi/Not a Jedi) LOL! 

Notable events so far have been Han running into a Hutt Patrol on his way to Tattoine to pick up Chewie to have the Wookie join his crew.  Han's piloting skills were no match for the Hutts.

Jyn Erso ran into Lando Calrissian on Takodona but he declined to join her crew.

Doctor Aphra has been using her tech savvy and Imperial influence to run the transit between the Spinward Core and Trailing Core to zip back and forth between the opposite ends of the galaxy. 


Meanwhile, Boba Fett has been pretty much running away with the Rim.  3 Fame points, a wallet full of credits, and just met caught up to Han Solo and blew up Han's G1A Starfighter for the Elimination Reward on Han's Bounty, though it was a bit mutual as Han simultaneously destroyed Fett's G9 Rigger. 

So's a great game with one hell of a lot of Star Wars thematic love and some really great mechanics.  The relayability is extremely high and I'm aware that I'm just scratching the surface of this little beauty of a game.


Michael D.

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