Wednesday, May 10, 2023

G.R.O.W.L. 2023 Spring League begins...


Ok Blood Bowl Fans....Let's Get Ready To Rumble!  Officially announcing the upcoming 2023 Spring Blood Bowl Gratuitously Rowdy Oddballs WZKD League (G.R.O.W.L.)!!!  The next league season kicks on on Sunday, June 11th at noon when we'll have a league meeting at WZKD Comics and Games for introductions and to go over rules and regs for the Spring Season, and answer any questions.  We'll also have exhibition matches available that afternoon at the store for new players (or old ones like me) to get a chance to play a match for a bit of an intro/refresher before their first season matches.  This will be a new team league with standard starting rosters of $1,000,000 gold (no returning teams from previous leagues this time around).  Our kickoff in June should give everyone 5 weeks to decide on what teams they will be coaching, assemble teams as needed, practice a bit, etc.  Sign up sheets will be available at WZKD this coming Friday (5/12) along with flyers and league info.

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