Sunday, October 11, 2015

Unboxing of Kingdom Death: Monster

Sorry for the overdue post on the unboxing of my copy of Kingdom Death: often trumps hobbies and blogging!

Toughest part of this was not wanting to disturb such what really is more a piece of art than just another game. KD:M is simply gorgeous; just reading through the manual was a treat. But games are created to be played...and to leave them pristine is does them an injustice.  Though I will most likely be more than a little meticulous digging into and assembling the minis. :)

My first impression stands up to my expectations...that Adam Poots took an enormous amount of time in designing and putting this game together. The separate miniature box is a great example of this.  Consider that you may not be de-spruing everything at may just grab what you need to get started and come back often to accessorize and create new minis. So the storage option for sprues and mini pieces is appreciated!

Second is that it's time once again to break out the snack bags (or it you are really a flagrant nerd get the various sized hobby storage bags that you pick up at Michael's - yes your great aunt uses them to store her bedazzler rhinestone collection but they also excel at storing your 40k bits too.)  There's the 'Arkham Horror' level of game pieces in there (check the pics of the cardboard game piece sprues) and what looks like some 200+ cards of different sizes. If you're like me, you get a inner gleeful clapping of hands like a two year old when you open up a new game and see seven or eight million pieces to punch out and look forward to the two hours of doing so and anal retentively sorting such into little plastic bags.  Sure it looks like Poots put a lot of thought into the box insert in terms of designing a tray to store everything in...but we all know that such best laid plans go out the window when you slam on the brakes on your way to the game convention and all the games packed into backseat suddenly change position to the front seat.  This is why God invented the zip lock.

Third impressed impression came after skimming the manual. Aside from giving a nice back story to the game (in some pretty cool anime artwork), I found the game is not only designed for the one off afternoon in your buddy's basement with a bucket of KFC and a big bag of Munchies, it's really meant to excel as a campaign game. That's right...everything you love about Thursday Original D&D night can be had with KD:Monster (to fill up your free time Wednesday nights).  In fact the reason behind the massive amount of weapons and armor on those mini sprues is so you can accessorize up your fave character's miniature with their best sword and shield that they pick up over various game chapters. Bravo KD:M!

Check the unboxing pics! post will be a first play review...


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