Sunday, April 9, 2023

WZKD Blood Bowl Fall Classic Championship Match

The WZKD Fall Classic Blood Bowl League wrapped up this afternoon at WZKD Comics and Games! Dharam Khalsa's Orcs met my Lizardmen on the gory gridiron for the Championship match! 

And it was one for the ages as the first half went scoreless. Then the Orcs carried one across the goal line in the first drive of the second half to take the lead. Then scoreless for the rest of the match until a Lizardmen Skink Lineman took a lucky bounce of the ball in the remaining play of the game and threw a pass to an open Chameleon Skink a mere few steps from the goal line to tie it up...and the Cameleon dropped the catch ending the match.

Congratulations to Dharam and the Orcs as win the league going undefeated! A great finish to a great season!

(and yes...that is actually Kroxigor with the ball. That's how crazy fun that match was!)


Michael D. 

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