Saturday, November 11, 2017

Return to the Swarm...for Free!

Did you play Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and not move on to the expansions?  Well now you have no excuse...Blizzard is offering Heart of the Swarm for free for a limited time!

As Blizzard gets ready to release SCII for free (well, kinda for free...), they also are rolling out the Zergs to Wings of Liberty owners for free - gratis - on the complete cheap.

If you bought Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty prior to October 31 2017, then load up the Blizzard client and check out your gift area to snag your free copy.

But don't procrastinate...Sarah Kerrigan and the bugs will be gone on December 8th!  So get on it for free stuff (I mean's free...why not??)

Or maybe you like paying for stuff...



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