Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The 25 Best Nerd Road Trips

Cinder Lake near Flagstaff, Arizona where NASA crated a moon-like landscape to resemble the Sea Of Tranquility for Apollo astronauts to practice a giant leap for mankind.

Get your Call of Duty fix in real life at Fort Irwin National Training Center where the U.S. Military simulate real-life combat scenarios before deploying to the field.

Cute little article here from PopSci about 25 geek-friendly places to take your patient and understanding loved one on vacation.

My favorite of the 25 may be the Koreshan State Historical Site in Estero, Florida.  From the article:

"Estero, Florida
N 26.433601 / W 81.812155
In 1894, a “hollow Earth” cult called the Koreshan Unity Foundation settled on a homestead near what is now Naples, Florida. Cult members believed the Earth was round but hollow and that humans lived on the inside, with the sun at the center. Members took to the wide sandy beaches near Naples to try to measure the planet’s curvature, using their purpose-built “rectilineator.” The site is now a small state park, preserving for curious visitors the Koreshan Unity houses, general store, and other structures.
Open year-round, 8 a.m.–sunset. Adults: $4."
If they had been in business in 1894, Fox News would have probably hired Koreshan's to be on-air correspondents.

Not sure I would shell out $59 to tour Spaceport America in New Mexico...

Ok...maybe I would...


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