Friday, November 23, 2012

Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter

So for quite a while I've been following Kingdom Death, a 'boutique nightmare horror' miniature board game concept that's in development.  The miniatures and concept designs of the mini's are out of this world, and I received and e-mail today that their cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world titled Kingdom Death: Monster is in the kickstarter phase...

Aside from some extremely high-end miniature sculpts (see below) the game is quite simply some of the freshest and most creative work I've seen lately.  I can't say enough about Kingdom Death...

Kingdom Death: Monster is their coop board game that will release in late 2013, and it looks even more spectacular than what I've seen so far.  If you're a fan of the horror genre, tabletop miniature gaming, and/or coop board games, I highly recommend that you drop by their kickstarter page and give them a couple of bucks...for as little as $10 you get a digital art book with concept art, artist bios, etc.  The best deal IMHO is the $100 pledge which gets you the game when it releases...and there's a Black Friday deal today for $85 at this level...tough to pass up.  Even at the $100 level, that's arguably a bonus when you consider that any coop board game can run you upwards of $70 these you're getting a really awesome looking game and giving a little bit to support the project to boot (would also make a great holiday gift for next year...).



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