Monday, October 8, 2012

Nerd Hiatus

So's been like a month since I've posted to Flagrant Nerd...I well aware of need to remind me!  :)

My apologies (again) but the new job finally got rolling in early September, and while I've been preparing for this career change, the leap into nursing has kept me pretty much hopping ever since I started on September 10th.

Nevertheless...I'm nearly finished with the classroom orientation and new grad end of things and am into my fourth week of orientation on the floor.  While I still have about 7-8 weeks of floor orientation to go, the routine is beginning to settle down and I'll be into a regular three 12-hour a week shift schedule after next week.  Which means I'll be able to get back on the keyboard and post more often...

I know you're all excited to hear this news :-p

More to come soon...



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